The European Researchers Night is beeing held in Serbia for the 14th time, under the slogan, „The Light of Science“, which signals that science is meant for everyone, and aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance and positive role of science in society.

During two days, September 29 and 30, from 4 pm to 10 pm in 24 cities across Serbia, science will shine its light on streets, parks, squares, shopping centers and other public places. On them, scientists will show in a fun and inspiring way how science shapes our world and affects our daily lives.

This large scientific meeting is organized at the same time in 26 European countries, with an expected visit of about one and a half million people. Be one of the curious people who will get to know science in an extremely unusual way, and if you are a pupil or student, maybe they will encourage you to step into the exciting profession of a researcher.

Researchers’ Night is an open and free event, held under the patronage of the European Commission in over 400 cities across Europe. The aim of the event is to raise public awareness of the importance and positive role of science for society by putting researchers in the focus of the wider public. The contents are suitable for all ages, no prior knowledge is necessary.

Like every year, Belgrade has the most diverse program, from the laboratory to the circus! At several locations – in the Museum of Science and Technology and the Science Club of the Center for the Promotion of Science, at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry and the plateaus in front of the National Museum and the Faculty of Science, in the Port of Belgrade and in the Ušće and BIG shopping centers – a handful of scientific and entertaining activities await you .

The official opening of the European Night of Researchers is planned at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, on Friday, September 29, but good fun through learning is also expected in other cities.

See the detailed program at this link.

n Serbia, this manifestation has been realised through two projects: ReFocus Art and SciencesCool.

The coordinator of the SciencesCool project (Science on the move – from lab to streets & school) is the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of the University of Belgrade in partnership with the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering of the University of Belgrade; while the coordinator of the project ReFocuS Art (Road to Friday of Science and Art) is the Center for the Promotion of Science, in cooperation with the Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” – an Institute of national importance for the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Faculty of Science and Mathematics from Niš and the Institute for Protection of cultural monuments Kragujevac.

These projects were financed from the program “HORIZON EUROPE”, the largest program of the European Union for research and innovation activities, and within the sub-programme “Maria Sklodowska-Curie”.

The support from the EU to innovations and competitiveness in Serbia has amounted to more than EUR 250 million from 2014 up to now. The assets intended for this sector are used for encouraging the increase in the quality of science, innovation and the connection to the European and international scientists and entrepreneurs, by which the competitiveness of the Serbian economy is increased. Since 2014, Serbia has been a user of the Program Framework for Investigation and Innovation – Horizon Europe.

The EU encourages the development of science and innovation in order to create the technological prerequisites for the development of competitiveness and economy across Europe. The EU has made it possible to use a mutual investigative space and improvement in the countries of the EU, by which Serbian scientists have become visible to the European and world scientific community.