Together for electricity – Subsidies for energy vulnerable households

Reduction of bills for electricity, heating and gas for the citizens of Serbia is subsidized in part also through the EU support package to Serbia to overcome the energy crisis. The funds are granted by the EU to Serbia so as to ensure continued lower energy prices to the most vulnerable families.

Thanks to that, in 2023, more than 190,000 households – three times as many as to date – have had the opportunity to exercise the right to benefits. In practice, the protected two-member households who are now paying some RSD 3.770 for electricity bills will be paying RSD 1.721 or 50% less/month for remote heating.

In order for the citizens to exercise the right to energy discount, they should register to the local government on the territory of their habitual residence. The local government will decide on granting the status on the basis of the Decision on Energy Vulnerable Customers.

Application in several steps only:

  • Download application for acquisition of the status of energy vulnerable customer (from the website of Ministry of Mining and Energy, from the website of the local government or personally in the offices of the local government units)
  • Fill out the application (documents required for acquisition of status of energy vulnerable customer cited in the form)
  • Submit application in your local government unit.

You will receive the decision on the status within one month.

Submission of application is cost-free for citizens. The applications may be submitted throughout the year.

Check whether you fulfill the conditions for acquisition of the status of energy vulnerable customer

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